It is obviously important that you choose a Realtor with local knowledge and expertise.  So you know a little about me…

Brief Bio – Steve Huhta

Over 22 years of involvement in the Waupaca community.

30 years experience in selling, marketing and publishing.

Get a Realtor on your side who has real world Internet business experience

Thinking of Buying or Selling land?

Experienced new home construction, home owner

Experience buying and sellilng commercial properties, multi-family buildings, businesses and building commercial buildings

Community involvement - As a member of:

Thanks for reading this and please call to get an experience Realtor on you side whether you are buying or selling.

About Me...

While buying and selling real estate can be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience, it is important to develop a broad knowledge of the real estate market and all it has to offer you.

Because of my many years of experience in real estate matters and 22 years in the Waupaca Market, I can serve as your local real estate expert, helping you regarding all aspects of current local market conditions, property values, loans suitable to your needs, and knowledge of the local communities and neighborhoods to help you make an informed and financially wise decision.
Having been involved in two Internet start-up companies allows me to bring a unique ability to maximize the advantages of the World Wide Web for both buyers and sellers of real estate.

Offering a unique ability to not only understand but maximize the advantages of the Internet to help market your home for sales so it is  seen by the maximum number of potential buyers.
Everyone wants a Realtor on their side who knows the local community, local issues and local challenges and opportunities.  To be sure I can provide clients with "local knowledge" and to help give back  to our wonderful community, I am a member of many area clubs and organizations.

Rotary Club, Riverside Health Foundation board of Directors, Bethany Home Board of Directors, a current director and past President of the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes Home Owner's Association, a 20 year member and share holder of the Waupaca Country Club, Chain O' Lakes Foundation board member and board member of the Toto Endowment Fund.  Hire a Realtor who understands the local community as the result of being highly involved in the local community .
Owned 21 commercial and residential rentals, working partner in a bar and restaurant so I can prove experience and knowledge to help you buy or sell commercial or rental property.

In 30 years working for large companies negotiated many deals to buy and sell businesses, commercial buildings and manufacturing plants.  During the same period helped oversee the construction of several new manufacturing facilities.

Hire an experienced negotiator who can help you get your transaction completed successfully and in a proficient manner. Work with a Realtor who has first-hand, real world experience in assessing a commercial, multi-family property or business's actual value so again, you pay a fair price.
Being an active member of the Waupaca community provides assurance that you will be working with a Realtor who truly knows the community. 

A Realtor who truely knows the community can help you find the house or land of your dreams and, at the same time, help assure you  do not over pay.  I've owned houses in the Townof Lind, 2 in the City of Waupaca and now live in the Town of Dayton so, please consider putting my local experience to work  helping assure you find a home or the land that meets all your needs and desires. 

If you are selling property my local knowledge and experince can help assure you learn the true value of your home, given local market conditions.
Now you can have someone on your side to creatively market your property so it has the best possible chance of being seen by the right potential buyers.

With over twenty five years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry I can bring special skills to assist clients in creatively marketing their home or land for the quickest possible sale. 

Experienced deer hunter - I am a life time hunter and have chased the elusive 175 class or better deer for over 20 years in centeral Wisconsin.  So, if you are planning to buy or sell land work with a Realtor who is an experienced local deer hunter and someone who truely understand land prices.

I did not shoot the deer to the right but I did sell the land the deer lived on.
My wife and I have built two custom designed homes, on local building lots, in the last 10 years.  So , if you are thinking of buying land to build a new home, call a Realtor who is experienced in all the nueances of building a new home from the ground up.
175 Class deer taken in 2008 on Olson Rd, Waupaca -572 acres sold 2009